Internet of Things

I fill my free time with IoT projects to automate various things around the home/office


Control low-speed GMLAN CANBUS from MQTT using ESP8266 and MCP2515 CAN Controller

With additional nRF905 module, added long-distance control of most convenience functions in vehicle

Including Lock/Unlock, Remote Start, HVAC, lighting, arbitrary message display, GPS location updates, temperature information, etc.

MQTT-signalled Garage Door

Control garage door from MQTT, allowing for garage to become part of home automation system.

Temperature / Climate status sensors & Responsive Relay control

ESP8266 + DHT11 climate sensor used to monitor climate information inside my home and create an adjustable, internet-connected thermostat with custom software for $11

LED Lighting

ESP8266 + WS2812b LED strips used to signal important data and to illuminate portions of the office; managed from a custom controller