About Me

I’m Frank, a ham since 2017 as KI7PBL and a Senior Site Reliability Engineer specializing in container orchestration and networking.


You’ll frequently find me on 146.520MHz while I’m mobile all over Washington state with my Yaesu FTM-400XDR stealth-installed in my car, and on PNW-DMR repeaters every so often with my AnyTone AT-D878UV. I also utilize a cheapo 2m HT when out skiing all over Washington and Idaho.

HF Digital

I run QRP FT-8 and WSPR on 20m and 40m from a G5RV Jr. mounted in my attic. Click the image below for a live view of my PSKReporter


UHF Digital

I run a public TheThingsNetwork LoRaWAN 900MHz gateway in Southeastern Washington on Jump Off Joe with wide-area coverage for sensor networks, etc.

Jump off Joe LoRa Coverage

EHF/SHF Digital

I also do some experimental work with microwave band IP systems from 3.65GHz up to 80GHz using AMPRNet IP space. One of these networks provides backhaul for PNW-DMR’s repeater site on Jump Off Joe in Tri-Cities, Washington.

Jump off Joe tower

Remote Control Aircraft

I fly FPV quadcopters / large gliders using 900MHz (TBS Crossfire), 1.2GHz (analog NTSC/PAL video), 2.4GHz (ExpressLRS), and 5.8GHz (analog NTSC/PAL video / DJI Digital FPV Video).

FPV View