My Projects (Original Work)

I have released a number of my hobby projects as open-source. Some of their information is below, and more can be found on GitHub:

PowerDNS Node.js API Bindings – Node.js

Manage a PowerDNS Server from Node.js, create zones, create RRs, etc.

Used to create a FreeRADIUS plugin which logs Accounting packets and updates a dynamic DNS zone

ZeroTier Controller Management CLI – Node.js

CLI for Node.js to manage your ZeroTier private controller

O2Cap – Rust

Rust-lang hierarchical display command-line packet analyzer

Decodes even more specialty protocols like MPLS, PPPoE, etc. Even dumps PAP in PPPoE passwords

Makes network troubleshooting and diagnostics quite easy when confined to command-line analysis

Polycom Provisioning – Node.js

Manage a database of Polycom MAC address to SIP setting relationships and automatically provision Polycom devices according to those settings. Used in a callcenter environment to automate new phone provisioning for new employees.

NetChat Server / Client – Node.js / C#

Real-time private messaging application based on WebSockets

websocket-tilt – Node.js

WebSocket-based phone-to-computer realtime communication. Simply a demonstration, this was later used for an internal data visualization project where orientation of data visualizations was difficult to represent with mouse input. With this, users could rotate and manipulate the 3D visualization with their phones while giving a presentation.

Vagrant / Ansible DokuWiki – Ansible

Perform an automated deployment of software using standard DevOps tools (Vagrant and Ansible) to make documentation easier. Used in production to keep detailed business documentation for technical staff.


Send an SMS via a simple HTTP POST request.

Torque Client / Server-Side Component – PHP

Keep track of your car’s stats with a convenient web interface and data logging

This project incorporates a PHP-based API endpoint to handle the reception of data, then uses a responsive javascript/jQuery client-side webapp to present the latest data to a user.

Built to work with this application: Torque Pro OBDII

View on GitHub Buttons – PHP

A convenient api to produce buttons which direct the user to your GitHub project.